What is a Transformational Educator?

I believe that it takes a special person and an educator dedicated to his or her craft to embody characteristic traits associated with assuming the role of transformational educator.  These are individuals who have developed a growth mindset and a passion for constantly engaging in innovative ways to enhance the teaching and learning experiences for all stakeholders.  Transformational educators strive to perfect their instructional and administrative practices to elicit academic achievement and growth for their students.  They participate in and collaborate with their colleagues to share best practices in an effort to build capacity within their organizations.  Collectively, transformational educators provide constructive criticism and meaningful feedback to their peers grounded in observable teaching and learning data to inform instructional practices while generating an educational discourse pertaining to how best to serve our students.  These individuals build relationships with their colleagues and students.  They mentor one another.  In short, transformational educators are the educators required to lead the field and practices of education into and through the 21st century!

Check out David Cutler’s (July 26, 2016) article “How to Become and Remain a Transformational Educator” on Edutopia.